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Daniela Groza Jewellery creates pieces that have both a striking aesthetic and thought-provoking messages. Through her work, she aims to raise awareness of important global issues and empower the wearer. Her designs allow people to express themselves, adorning their bodies with visual statements representing their beliefs and lifestyles.

The fine metals used are all recycled, showing her commitment to ethics and sustainability. She uses gold recycled from family heirlooms, created in her workshop.

The designer is interested in bridging the gap between craft and technology, through digital collections, Instagram filters and even exciting projects using blockchain technology in the future.


Daniela graduated from Jewellery & Silversmithing at Edinburgh University in 2020, currently studying Design Informatics MA at Edinburgh University and will go on to train in diamonds with the GIA at the end of 2021, who has offered her a scholarship.

Please feel free to drop her an email for any enquiries at



69/5 Warrender Park Road, EH9 1ES, Edinburgh, UK  |  Tel: +447732566166

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