This is AEON reimagined. A  reinterpretation of the previous collection with the same name. It is made for the runway, therefore meant to be bigger and bolder. This time, it has a Gothic aesthetic that shocks the viewer not only through its eccentric design, but also through its empowering concept. The pieces scream words such as "MOTIVATE", "UNDERSTAND", "LISTEN", raising awareness of mental health issues. The materials used are also a key feature, because the abstracted Greek columns are constructed from plastic bags found on beaches, which have been melted and molded into 3d printed structures.


Daniela Groza is a very dedicated and passionate designer who loves to combine the digital and the hand-made within her craft. Her jewellery pieces have a great emphasis on fine detail and high finishes.

She is very conscious when it comes to making and choosing the right materials, putting her focus on sustainable processes such as using recycled silver and natural dyes.

Each piece has its own and very individual flare, being very bold ready to wear sculptures in miniature.

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