“Change Collection” fights for a more transparent and inclusive jewellery industry by refusing to work with stones, unless they are ethically sourced. It raises awareness of conflict-diamonds by recreating stone-like forms using recycled silver.

The aim is to highlight the importance of the people at the beginning of the supply chain, the ones responsible for getting the raw “rock” out of the ground, the miners.

It is important to make consumers question the roots of their jewellery and think about the people involved throughout the whole supply chain: from the moment of material extraction, all the way to its manufacturing, packaging and to the consumer.


Question origins, material processes, the welfare of the workers, and make a positive impact on the planet by choosing ethically sourced, consciously crafted and thought-provoking pieces of jewellery!


Daniela is a 4th year Jewellery & Silversmithing student, Co-founder of R Sustainable Social Enterprise and Student Ambassador for the Ethical Making Pledge with the Incorporation of Goldsmiths.

She is a very environmentally conscious designer and maker, choosing to work with recycled, ethically sourced materials or natural pigments.

Each piece has its own and very individual flare, being very bold ready to wear sculptures in miniature.

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