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Jewellery is not just aesthetics. My objective is to address important social, moral, and even political issues happening around the world and design jewellery with strong visual impact, that people could relate to. 

This collection aims to promote inclusivity, highlighting the beauty of diversity and individuality within one’s body shape and skin tone.
Materials celebrate colour through the use of different tones: silver, yellow gold, oxidised silver, red gold, etc.

The use of Japanese Mokume-gane technique of blending and laminating different metal alloys to create marbled surfaces, illustrates the beauty of skin imperfections. 

The hanger motif symbolises the rejection of  society’s image of the “ideal woman” and instead offers the wider spectrum representing the female form: body parts with diverse proportions, including lumps, bumps, stretch marks. 

Tracing metals back to their natural source is becoming more pertinent to the industry. Sustainability is a feminist issue. The women at the beginning of the jewellery supply chain are often the victims of abuse, unfair pay and discrimination. I am committed to using recycled materials in my collection, from silver scrap collected through time, to the aim of reclaiming family heirlooms.

My collection promotes female empowerment and is destined to be worn by strong personalities determined to inspire others. 

It advocates inclusivity, equality and diversity, all the way from the materials used to the final design, creating  bold ready to wear fashion statements.

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