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Reshaping the future of retail through immersive experiences

Covid19 has forced the creative industry to reassess how it markets to consumers virtually. From digital fashion shows and garment try-ons, to the gamification of fashion, designers worldwide have continued to explore a means of creating and innovating within the digital realm.

The App prototype depicted proposes a new alternative for digital retail, creating a unique and immersive Augmented Reality experience for jewellery consumers. They can explore and interact with a three-dimensional imaginary shop from the comfort of their own home. With the aim of delighting customers using emerging technologies, I have created a playful space that mimics the in-person retail experience: from exploring the environment to find the hidden jewellery, similar to popular VR game Pokemon Go, to trying them on digitally, watching an avatar model the jewellery around the space, seeing a digitally scanned version of myself as the shop assistant and interacting with me, even having the chance to buy the jewellery as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs have gained worldwide popularity during the pandemic, given their power of attesting the unicity of a piece of artwork, making it possible to have ownership over a digital asset. This is especially important for artists, with NFTs helping their artwork become recognised as one of a kind pieces which can be collected in this decentralised network of endless possibilities. Currently having no utility other than purely for collection purposes, this project intends to show an alternative future use case that NFTs could have, as part of an AR exhibition space. A new, captivating source of entertainment that emphasises the potential importance of blockchain technology.

To try the experience yourself, scan the QR code below!

(Must have Iphone/Ipad, please download Adobe Aero and wait for the AR filter to load, make sure you project it in a space with little furniture)

The try-on filters are linked to Instagram/Facebook and are opened via tapping onto the objects found within the immersion, which contain embedded directing links.

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Scan and try it